Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dirone and I frequently take Belle and Chloe to area dog parks and have been told to check out the one in Oaks, but never got around to it.  Since today was so Spring-like, we packed the girls up and decided to check it out.  As dog park regulars, we were impressed with our experience.  There were two fenced in areas in use that were across the parking lot from each other.  One side was for big dogs and one was for small dogs.  So, what is a family with one of each to do?  Dog park etiquette would dictate separating our dogs since there were two of us and two of them.  We tried this, but Belle wouldn't play because she was worried about her little sister and Chloe was terrified to be with a dog that was not her sister in the small dog area.  I couldn't stand Chloe's cries and broke down and took her to the big dog area, as it was a calm crew today.  You would have thought they were separated for weeks!  They were so happy to be together and were running around.  Once more dogs started showing up, we moved them to the small area after checking with the other owners to see if it was ok for Belle to be there.  Our girls had such a good time and didn't get too muddy.  All in all we had a great time at this newfound hangout and will definitely be back!   Hopefully, we will see you there, as well! 

The pic above is of the girls settled in after their baths.

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