Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dirone and I finally got around to checking out the dog park at Memorial Park in Pottstown this past week.  It is a very large area and does not get too crowded.  We went with our friend and her beagle and the girls had a great time running around!  My only concern is that the park is down a long road that is deserted if no one is at the BMX park.  This is a safety concern, as you do not know if someone would be coming from the park down the road with an unleashed dog or if someone is hanging out there up to no good.

I think Pottstown gave the dogs a great size area to frolic in!  It would be nice if they sectioned it off into two separate areas, though.  It is always nice to have the big and little dogs separated if the park gets full.   It is nice to have somewhere local to take our girls, so we will definitely be back.  If anyone knows of any other parks, please let me know! 

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