Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My husband and I are quickly learning that big dogs and little dogs have very different needs.  Both of our dogs have a lot of energy and enjoy wrestling with each other.  However, Belle can be a bit much for little Chloe.  The hardest thing for me has been learning not to run and grab Chloe every time they get rough with each other.  Has anyone else struggled with this urge to protect your little dog and felt guilty for breaking up their play? 

Overall, Belle has been a great big sister!  Surprisingly, she has learned to use her little sister to her advantage.  If Belle has something she is not supposed to and we tell her to "drop it", she will move close to Chloe and drop the item in front of her.  Chloe will then pick the item up and run as fast as her little legs will carry her under a piece of furniture so that we cannot get it.  Belle will go and get the item from her after she thinks we forgot about it.  Does anyone have any stories of their dogs scheming together? 

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  1. I have big dogs and a little dog. A 120 lb Great Pyrenees, a 70 lb hound/pitty mix and a 3 pound toy poddle/terrier mix. I also had a very large Newfoundland (200 lbs) that just passed away. It is amazing just how gentle and tolerant my large dogs are with the puppy. My boys are/were extremely gentle with her. She can run over them, pull their tails, bite their ankles and they don't bat an eye. My female hound/pitty mix loves to wrestle with the pup, so at first I keep a close eye on them and felt the need to protect the tiny one. Now, its my big dogs that I feel I have to protect from the 3 pound pup! She has no fear and is playing the role of bratty baby sister to perfection :) She is 3 months old and has more energy than the energizer bunny.