Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It seems like every time I talk to someone about taking Belle and Chloe to dog parks, I am asked if there are Pit Bulls there.  It is funny that this is the question that pops into people's heads when I talk about dog parks.  If someone tells me about a new place to take the girls, I usually ask how far away it is, if it is big, muddy, etc., so I do not understand why people jump right to asking about Pit Bulls.

It is a shame that these dogs have such a bad rap.  The aggressive and mean Pit Bulls normally come from abusive homes and are taught to be aggressive towards people and other dogs.  The people who try to do right by this breed are the ones that pay the price for these bad owners, as they are forced to pay higher property taxes (if their insurance will even allow them to have a Pit) or cannot find a place to rent if they are renters.  In turn, they may be forced to give up their beloved pet. 

Anyway, back to Pit Bulls and the dog park!  I have seen a few of them at dog parks when we have been there and they have been as full of energy as Belle.  One time we were at West Chester and a couple came in with a Pit Bull with a harness and sweater on.  In typical dog park tradition, people started to leave when they saw this couple and their dog.  The couple just stood in the middle of the park with their dog on the leash and looked around.  They looked so lost and out of place, so I went over and started talking to them.  They told me that it was their first time there and they were afraid to take their dog off of his leash because people thought he would be aggressive.  They told me their pup was only 16 weeks old, but he was as big as Belle.  I told them he looked like he would be fine, so they took him off of his leash and he flew over to Belle and ran around.  I think that is the most fun Belle had at that particular park, as they chased each other for awhile!  This is a perfect example of how the attitudes of non-Pit owners can affect the attitudes of Pit owners.  This poor couple almost allowed other people's opinions to jeopardize their fun.  Thankfully for Belle, that didn't happen, as she had a great time with her new friend that day!  Chloe slept through it all in her carrier, as she was still too young to play.  

Hopefully, Belle's experience allows you to see that Pit Bulls can be just as much fun for your dog to play with as other breeds!

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  1. I love your blog! I have a Bella who is a pitty mix (lots of hound dog in her too!) and she is wonderful. I also know many pit/pit mixes...all of them loving, friendly dogs.

    Heather (There's Drool in the Salsa)