Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belle and Chloe Want Spring NOW!

Anyone with one dog will tell you that their dog goes stir crazy when they can't get out to play during the winter.  Imagine having two high energy dogs!  Belle and Chloe love socializing, but the weather has been too cold and/or wet to get out too much this week.  The girls' activities this week have consisted of chasing our two cats and running laps through our house together.  Unfortunately it looks like we will be spending some more time inside this week, as there is rain in the forecast, which means all of the dog parks we frequent will be too muddy to visit.  Does anyone know of any indoor dog parks that are inexpensive and local?   Wouldn't it be great if Bark for Life could rent out one of these and host a weekly play group?  I know we wouldn't mind donating $5 for an hour or so of play on a cold Saturday morning.  It would be worth it not to have to give our two girls a bath afterwards.  Just think of how much money this amazing charity could make over a winter if they did this!  Not only would our dogs have the chance to get out and socialize, but we could help a wonderful cause, as well!  Belle and Chloe give this idea two paws up! What are your thoughts?  Please comment if you agree!

The pictures were taken of Belle in Rehobeth Beach in April 2011 when she was 7 months old.  She is looking forward to returning this Spring with her new sister, Chloe!

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