Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WOW! You HAVE to Read About the Latest Donations

Today we took Chloe to Patt Veterinary and were amazed at all of the food in the boxes.  There were 2 bottles of laundry detergent and 33 food items! 

Our next stop was to Pet Valu, which had 1 bottle of laundry detergent and 6 pet items. 

Chloe's favorite stop was Joe Paw's Bakery, as she got to visit with Barkley.  Joe Paws gets 4 paws up from both Chloe and Belle, as they had 77 human items and 8 pet items.  We were amazed at how much food was dropped off since we were there last!

Since the back of our Jeep was full, we dropped off the above items to the Boyertown Multi Service Center.  They were really appreciative, as laundry detergent is much needed. 

Now that we had an empty trunk, we had to fill it up again! 

First stop: Boneyard Joe's.  Jen and Eric have been amazing with their efforts to help us fill the Media Lab, as they offer a discount to customers who donate items.  Today they had 5 human food items and 5 bags of pet food.  However, the best part of picking up here is that it gives me and the hubby an excuse to order from  there.  Boneyard Joe's food is soooooo good and so inexpensive that we cannot resist!  Belle and Chloe double dog dare you to drop an item off there and not order food...because it simply cannot be done!  The food is that good and the people are pretty awesome, too. 

Our last stop today was to Pottstown Roller Mills and we were shocked at how much food they have collected.  There were 92 human items, 22 pet items and 6 bottles of much needed laundry detergent. 

Thanks to the Community's generosity, we have another full trunk of items to donate to the Pottstown Cluster in the morning!  PLEASE keep the donations coming!  There are so many people and their pets that need help and would appreciate any donation you make, no matter how large or small! 

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