Thursday, March 8, 2012

Four Paws Up to Patt Veterinary, Joe Paws Bakery & Pet Valu!

Belle and Chloe went to check out their locations collecting food for the Boyertown Area Multi Service Center today and could not believe how much food 3 locations collected!

Our first stop was to Patt Veterinary, where we were greeted with a full box of human items!  Patt collected 55 human items, 2 bottles of laundry detergent and 5 animal food products.  Along with the food items, there were donations of toothpaste and other personal care items.  Belle and Chloe knew that the doctors and staff at Patt, along with their clients would come through and help out!  When we donated the items to the Boyertown Area Multi Service Center and told the gentleman there that a lot of the items came from Patt Veterinary, he was not surprised.  Belle and Chloe are proud to be patients of such a caring hospital. 

Our next stop was Pet Valu and we honestly did not know what to expect.  This location gets 4 paws up and some slobbery kisses from Belle and Chloe, as they collect 95 pet items!  The box was overflowing!  We needed a cart to get everything out of the store, as there was a case of canned food and a few large bags of dry food.  The generosity of the employees and customers of Pet Valu showed us how caring people can be when it comes to animals in need.  When I decided to use this blog to collect pet food to help people out that cannot afford their pets, I was worried about not getting donations.  I figured people would think it was silly to collect food for pets when there are people that don't have enough food.  Pet Valu's collection of only pet food proved I made the right decision to ask for these donations.  I hope that we can get even more pet food in the coming weeks and help more families feed the members of the family that are always there and ask for nothing in return. 

After Pet Valu, we went to Joe Paws Bakery and  Belle and Chloe were a bit rambunctious after being in the car running from place to place. The treats were so yummy looking and smelling that Belle kept trying to steal one!  Joe Paws collected 52 items after Belle and Chloe added a few, but the majority came from Joe Paws Bakery clients!  Check out this piece of doggy treat heaven if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed!  Belle and Chloe HIGHLY recommend the beef meatloaf and pizza flavored treats. 

Here are some pictures of the food donations:

Thank you again to everyone who is helping this great cause!  Belle and Chloe received a trip to the dog park in Birdsboro for all of their hard work collecting donations today! 

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