Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's Help the YWCA's Literacy Program!

The past few months have flown by for Belle & Chloe!  The weather was beautiful this Spring and Summer and the girls enjoyed it!  Now, that it is getting cold again, we are back to one of our favorite indoor activities - cuddling up with a good book! 

Reading is one thing that anyone can enjoy and is a free way to escape for a bit.  I know that my library card has been getting used pretty hard the past few weeks, along with my Kindle.  Unfortunately, there are people that cannot partake in this pastime, as they were never taught how to read. 

Fortunately there are programs such as Pottstown YWCA Employment & Literacy Services Program that focus on providing these individuals with the tools they need to learn to read.  Learning how to read opens up doors that these people didn't know existed.  For example, learning how to read can give a person the motivation they need to further educate themselves and graduate from high school or college and earn more money. 

Here is a summary of the program for the YWCA's site:  The YWCA Employment & Literacy Services Program provides education and training to assist individuals in achieving self-sufficiency educationally and economically at no cost. Illiteracy, lack of educational achievement (high school diploma/GED) and lack of employment experience are significant barriers to gainful employment, economic security and advancement, and self-sufficiency. Educational programming (literacy and job readiness training) empowers adults with the knowledge and skills to advance their educational and economic status.

So, how can YOU help?  It's simple:  provide your name and email address here

An annoymous donor has agreed to donate $1 for every name and email address that the Pottstown Mercury's bloggers are able to collect, so this costs you absolutely NOTHING!   This is truly a selfless act and Belle and Chloe appreciate your help! 

Thank you again for your assistance!  Belle and Chloe will be back with more adventures soon!

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